Experienced Danish Brand Designer, Graphic Designer and Photographer,
skilled in innovative thinking, idea visualisation.
Working with a wide range of businesses, and have a long history of helping
hotel marketers making their world shine.

With a diverse portfolio of successfully completed projects, I am prepared to
bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions to benefit your business.

To reach out, feel free to contact me via email at mail@sorendam.dk
or give me a call at +45 23900041.

I invite you to take a scroll through some of my previous
solved design and photographic projects below.

Søren Dam Thomsen

Tel: +45 23900041
Mail: mail@sorendam.dk

All images displayed on this website are copyrighted by Søren Dam Thomsen and the respective client. Please refrain from copying any images. If you are interested in having custom images created for you or your business, feel free to contact me.